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4 thiru mazhisai aazhvaar

Birth thai, maga
Place thirumazhisai near Kaanchi
Prabhandam thirucchandha virttham (120), naanmugan thiruvandhaathi (96)
This aazhvaar studied several schools of philosophy including, sankyam, samaNam, and saivam. For a while he followed saivam and was known as sivavaakkiyar. However, he ----to be filled-----as the aazhvaar entered a house in a village called perumpuliyoor, a group of brahmins chanting the vEdhaas, abruptly stopped. Since the aazhvaar belonged to a shudra caste the brahmins did not want him to hear their chants. Understanding their dilemma, aazhvaar moved away from there. But the brahmins lost the place where they stopped and could not resume. Noticing their difficulty the aazhvaar gave a hint and the brahmins could then resume the chanting. Afterwards, realizing their narrow mindedness, the brahmins sought the forgiveness of the aazhvaar.