10. thiruppaaNaazhvaar

Birth kaartthigai, urOhiNi
Place thiruvuraiyoor
Other names vippranaaraayaNar
Prabhandam amalanaathipiraan (10)
Being of low birth this aazhvaar was not allowed to enter the thiruvarangam temple. One day, as the head priest, ulOgasaaranga muni, was returning to the temple with a vessel filled with kaavEri water, he came across the aazhvaar, standing in the middle of the road, in a state of trans. Not realizing the aazhvaar's true nature, ulOgasaarangar threw a small stone at the aazhvaar to get his attention. The stone struck aazhvaar's forehead and he returned back to this world. Feeling remorseful for having obstructed the priest's path the aazhvaar ran away. The priest proceeded to the temple. There he saw blood oozing out of Lord ranganaathaa's forehead. That night the Lord appeared in the priest's dream and asked him to carry the aazhvaar in his shoulders and bring him to the Lord. Realizing the greatness of Azhvaar, ulogasaaranga munivar was only too happy 4o'[[ $HDRQ!!Y0]file corupt -to be filled