3. pEyaazvaar

Birth aippasi, sadhayam
Place thirumayilai
Prabhandam moonRaam nooRRandhaathi (100)
The first three aazhvaars are collectively known as 'mudhalaazhvaarkaL.' It is said that the three accidently took shelter from pouring rain one night in a narrow passage in a house belonging to a sri vaishnava at a place called thirukkOvaloor. The passage was large enough for the three to just stand. The Lord, sensing the unique opportunity to be in the company of the three eminent aazhvaars, entered the small space. Initially, the aazhvaars were perplexed by the sudden squeeze they were [ut to. They could not see the Lord with their naked eyes. Then, realizing what had happened, the three were overjoyed and in turn composed the three nooRRandhaadhees, respectively.