6. KulasEkaraazhvaar

Birth 8th century AD, maasi, punarpoosamm
Place kolli
Other names kOzhiyarkOn, kollikaavalan
Prabhandam perumaaL thirumozhi (105)
KulasEkaraazhvaar was a sEraa king. He had a special reverence for Lord Rama. One day he was listening to the story of Rama. Azhvaar was completely immersed in the story that he became part of the story itself. He decided to help Rama in his quest to defeat Ravana. KulasEkaraazhvaar ordered his generals to get his army ready so that they can immediately go to Lanka and fight Ravana along side Rama! Envious of the support aazhvaar was giving to sri vaishnavas some of his ministers stole royal jewels and accused the sri vaishnavaas of the crime. To prove the innocence of the sri vaishnavaas, aazhvaar put his hand in a vessel containing a cobra. The cobra is said to have climbed out of the vessel without harming the aazhvaar. The ministers then confessed to the crime absolving the sri vaishnavaas.