7. periyaazhvaar

Birth aani, suvaathi
Place srivilliputthoor
Other names vishnucitthan
Prabhandam periaazhvaar thirumozhi (473)
This Azhvaar won a cache gold coins by showing to the pAndiyan king that the supreme Lord revealed in the vEdhaas is Lord Vishnu. Entire Madurai came out celebrating this event. It is said that the Lord and Lakshmi appeared in their Garuda vaahanam in the sky over Madurai. Upon seeing this remarkable sight the Azhvaar started singing the now famous pallaaNdu, pallaaNdu, pallaayiratthaaNdu, .. which is the very first paasuram of the 4000 dhivya prabhandam, as ordered by sriman naadhamuni. His adopted daughter, ANdaaL is much revered in her own right. As described below, ANdaaL married the Lord and thus gave Periaazhvaar the status of father-in-law to the Lord!