The Sthalapurana of this Divya Desa is available in Brammanda Purana.

Once, a Brahmin by name Vedasaran lived here with his wife, Kumuda Valli. In response to their prayers, God blessed them with a girl, whom they named as Kamalavathi. Even at her young age, Kamalavathi had expressed a desire to marry none other than God Himself. She could not be disuaded from such a desire. Her insistence grew and she performed severe penance. God came to her and her wish was granted. She was placed along with the Koushuba Mani on his chest. As God appeared for a child (Kulanthai), this place is called Thiru Kulanthai.

Afterwards, Kumudavalli was abducted by a demon. In response to Vedasaranís prayers God got on to His Garuda and located her. She was restored to her husband. The demon (Maya Asura) challanged God. God fought with him at Thiru Kulanthai. The demon (thief) was thrashed. God chose to dance over his body. Thus, He is called Chor Natyar or Maya Koothan.