In addition to Brammanda Purana, the Sthala Purana of this Divya Desa finds details in Guru Parampara, Guru Mahatmiyam, Thiruppani Malai and Vahana Kavi Malai.

This Kshetram is also known as Thiru Nagara, Kurugoor and Pancha Kshetram. The origin of the names are traced as follows:


Nammalvar, one of the greatest Vaishnavite savants, attained salvation here. Nammalvar’s idol, which emerged by itself, is installed here Thus, the name Thiru Nagara came to be called as Alwar Thiru Nagari.


Once Lord Brahma requested God to tell him of a suitable place on earth for conducting Tapas. God told Lord Brahma that on the banks of river Tamiraparani river there is a lovely place, where He, Himself, is present with the name "Adhi Piran". Brahma went there and conducted severe penance to Perumal. Perumal appeared as Guru and gave him Upadesam. As Perumal appeared as Guru, this place was called as Gurugoor (Kurugoor).

There are five other names also for this place.

Adhi Kshetram : This place came into existence with the presence

Of "Adhi Piran".

Varaha Kshetram: God Perumal revealed his Varaha form here.

Sesha Kshetram : Adhi Sesha with his 1000 heads is present here

As "Urangappuli".

Theertha Kshetram: Due to the existence of Tamiraparani and

Sangani bathing places.

Danta Kshetram : God gave moksha to his lower caste devotee

Dantan here.

There are several more stories associated with this place in the Sthala Puranas.

Alwar Thiru Nagari is endowed with several unique blessings.

In this place, Perumal’s main characteristic is ‘Parathvam’. Whoever is fortunate to breath his last here, is assured of Moksha, irrespective of his past sins.

Once, due to a Curse, Lord Indra lost his youth and wealth. However he could regain them after his penance here to Adi Nathar.

The Holy Tamarind tree (Urangappuli) does not fold its leaves even during night. It is assumed as Lakshmana (unmoblised) at whose shade Lord Rama (in the form of Nammalwar) would meditate.

Nammalwar spent his whole life meditating uner Urangappuli. While he never went to visit any temple, the Gods at these Divya Desams presented themselves before this great devotee, seeking his audience and appreciation. Nammalwar has glorified Them, by composing songs from where he sat.

The Garuda Sevai Festival at this holy place depicts the foregoing in which the Perumals of the other eight Thiruppathis come here once a year (in the month of Vaikasi) to have darshan of Nammalwar. This practice, which started in 1807 is the precedence which modelled the Eleven Garuda Sevas at Chola Nadu.

The great Vaishnavite Seer, Sri Ramanja walked 450 miles in those days, to see Nammalwar and his birth place. On seeing the Holy Urangappuli, he had burst into poetry.

There is another story about this place. Once there was a Siddhar (Yogi). He had a dog. The dog used to eat the food leftovers of pious Vaishnavites of Alwar Thiru Nagari. When it died, it went straight to Swarga Loka. The Yogi came to know that this place is very holy.